my furever pets

current fur-babies:

rocky (male Shih-Tzu)IMG_7057

rocky is our most epic foster-failure.  he was purchased by ignorant or unknowing people from a pet store/puppy mill in florida, and less than two weeks afterwards, they surrendered him to our rescue.  my mom brought him home to foster, and before i knew it my parents were convincing me we should keep him (first time it happened that way!)  And they said they’d never deal with potty training again!  go figure.

he’s a fantastic happy bundle of energy who causes contagious smiles everywhere he goes.  i prefer to call him rocket man and i consider him my little brother. 

kiara (female calico, 12 years) aka kiki

kiara2i call her my ‘homegirl,’ because, of all her humans she is closest to me, and i to her.  kiki’s litter was one of the first that we rescued after our introduction to feral cats in Sea Bright, NJ when i was in the 7th grade. she and rajah are sisters, though not extremely close.  kiara is the most vocal of any cat i’ve known.  she enjoys sleeping under comforters, playing with shoe strings, and jumping on shoulders when you least expect it (ouch!)

rajah (female calico, 12 years)

rajah (of the ‘calico sisters’) is our long-haired beauty.  quick and light-footed, a visitor would be lucky to catch sight of rajahher.  she slept every night beside our cocker spaniel, oreo, who passed last september.  now she is getting quite flirty with scooter and they are often seen sleeping near each other, but never quite snuggling!  she sleeps on chests and stomachs, effectively hindering one’s ability to change positions during the night.

IMG_5668misu (female tortie, est. 6 years)

misu was on a euth-list (a list of the animals next to be killed at a shelter) along with her litter of four kittens and was listed as ‘aggressive,’ which couldn’t have been further from the truth. the family was pulled via Fur Friend in Need and although a mush at home, misu hated adoption days and never showed well.  it got to the point where i didn’t bother to take her every week (though for a while we told my dad that we did- oops!), and after more than a year of fostering her, we officially adopted her.  boxes are her guilty pleasure and  she truly believes no one can see her when she’s inside one.

scooter (male tabby with white, est. 5 years)scooter

scooter was part of someone’s backyard feral colony.  he was neutered in 2010 along with all the others, and released.  a year or so later, he showed up at the caretaker’s back door with a shredded front leg, which a vet described as ‘something i’d never seen before, definitely not an animal fight, or even a car engine.’  he likened the wound to what would happen if an animal caught his/her leg in a steel-trap.

an amputation and a long recovery later, he has come around socially and learned to manipulate his three legs with ease.  he squeezed his way into our home and hearts, and is the only male feline in the household.  he constantly makes trill sounds as he hobbles excitedly, and always waits patiently when waiting for leftovers.


rainbow bridge residents

smokey (silver grey tabby, 8 years)


Smokey was a petite, bright-eyed girl, who held the top of the pecking order.  She was the first cat to greet strangers, and easily wins the title of ‘everybody’s favorite Weber cat.’

She was surrendered to me when a couple I knew broke up and neither wanted responsibility. at the time, she was about 1.5 years and nursing what was likely her 2nd or 3rd litter of kittens.  all her babies were adopted, and we fostered her for a few months.  on christmas day 2007, my dad finally said we could keep her.  in july of 2012, she was diagnosed with spindle-cell sarcoma after the discovery of a tumor on her left thigh.  her oncologist thinks it is a vaccine-induced cancer.  she enjoyed life for 10 more months before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

mittens 1996-2011


oreo 1997-2012



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