about this blog

about the blog

this blog came about from a desire to help pet owners create stronger, life-long bonds with their pets while promoting rescue and adoption.  as the communications coordinator for a nj based foster/adoption group, pet adoption network, i decided to create blog content here for fun and to include in our monthly newsletter.

disclaimer: the views expressed in posts here on Pets Fur Keeps are not necessarily the specific views or positions held by any specific rescue I am involved with, but are based on years of experience with them.  tips and advice posted here are not to be used in place of proper veterinary care or medical treatment.  for advice specific to your family’s feline situation, please directly contact the group you adopted from (if that’s us, you can email paninc@att.net).

about me

when i was just baby, i sat on the ground besides my two cats, crinkles and spike, and ate cat food with them.  before i was 18 months old, i knew the names of many animals, including porcupine. my family fostered our first litter of kittens when i was in the first grade.  by the age of thirteen, my mom and i began actively doing trap-neuter-return, and fostering kittens.  throughout high school, i volunteered with dog and cat rescue organizations, and am now on the board of directors for a non-profit foster-based rescue and adoption agency, Pet Adoption Network (Red Bank, NJ).

i also foster for Fur Friends in Need and assist with fundraising events for Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue. on average, i spend about  8 hours each week directly involved in rescue/adoption efforts, in addition to the time spend playing with, feeding, and caring for foster cats and my feral cat responsibilities.

animal rescue is the most deeply seated passion in my life.  while it can be stressful and consuming at times, i wouldn’t want to spend my time any differently.  i hope that i can inspire others to volunteer with their local rescue groups, strengthen their pet/guardian bond, and educate people on a variety of rescue topics.

my experiences are in adoption counseling (matching adopters and pets), behavior assistance, and trap-neuter-return.  i love jackson galaxy more than i can say, and i’m obsessed with lolcats.  but enough about me, click here to meet my fur family


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