Incredible Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Pet memorial ideas

Losing a pet is never easy, no matter how peacefully they pass, or how many times you’ve gone through the grieving process.   Once the initial shock and heartbreak is over, it is common for people to find a way to memorialize or honor their deceased pet.  For many, this helps them reach the acceptance stage of the grieving process, and makes way for warm, happy memories.

Here are a few unique ideas you can do to honor your pet, from simple and sweet, to extravagant and strange.   No matter what you choose to do, it is important that it is meaningful to your family and honors the special bond with your pet.

1) Custom Nose-print jewelry

Photo from SouthernCharmsVA Etsy Shop

Photo from SouthernCharmsVA Etsy Shop

One of the most adorable pet-themed jewelry available!  Get a personalized sterling silver pendant with your cat or dog’s nose print and wear it as a necklace, bracelet, on a key chain, etc.  Of course, there are plenty of custom paw-print jewelry options if you prefer.


2) Blown Glass Pendants

Turn your pets ashes (or fur) into a stunning piece of blown-glass.  With this unique creation, they will remain close to your heart at all times, but no one will know what it is, unless you choose to tell them.  Choose from transparent or colored, and a variety of shaped pendants.  The type of sentimental item you choose to use (i.e cremains, fur, fabric, etc) will affect how it appears in the pendant, and varies from bubbles to colored flecks.

3) PawPods

Perfect for the earth-friendly pet family, these burial pods and urns are bio-degradable and come with a seeded leaf planter so your beloved pet’s resting place ‘sprout a lasting tribute.’  These pods are available in a variety of sizes, for small animals to large dogs, and even fish-sized.

4) Pet cemetery

Tattoos: Pet Memorials

What better way to honor your pet than to immortalize them in ink?

For families that wish their pet to be buried as many humans are,  you might choose to lay your pet to rest at a Pet Cemetery.   Many of these cemeteries are full-service memorial centers, offering viewings for friends and families, customized funeral services, and even clergy or funeral celebrants.  New Jersey has quite a few of these, but each offer different services.  For a full list of pet cemeteries visit the Pet Loss Support site.

5) Tattoos

Younger generations, especially, may enjoy getting a tattoo of an extra-special pet they’ve lost.  But with the growing popularity of tattoos, this option really is for anyone!  You can get a picture of your pet (be sure to find an experienced portrait artist!),  or get his/her paw print or name.  Alternatively, if you’re especially bold, a few artists will actually meld the ashes into the ink, so your pet is forever part of your body’s artwork.  Although is not a common practice, it has been done a handful of times, with both human and animal ashes.

6) Unique Photo Options


Acrylic of Beagle and Sheltie, by Pica Portraits

Framing a photo and placing it in where you’ll see it often is an easy way to remember your pet.  Sometimes, picking out your favorite single photos can be hard, so why not try one of these other photographic ideas?  Make a book!  There is a great site called Blurb that allows you to upload photos then caption, decorate and arrange them into a beautiful, professional book.   You can chronicle your pet’s whole life if you want to, or focus on the highlights and holidays.  Another unique idea is to compile lots of photos into one giant image, mosaic-style.  Or, if you have a photo that is especially meaningful, get that one hand painted in your favorite style by a local artist: acrylic, oil,


7) Light Affection Photo

Photo Lamp

They were the light of your life. Keep the light shining!

Instead of just a photo or painting, why not let your pet’s face continue to light up your life, even after they are gone?  This company creates custom-carved photo lights and night-lights.





8) DIY Shadow Box


For more great DIY ideas, browse Pinterest.

Shadow boxes are much more personal than just displaying photos: through tangible objects, you can express your pet’s personality, his or her favorite things, etc.



Ideas for including in your Shadow Box:

9) Donation

Your pet was one of the lucky ones.  They got to spend their life being loved, sleeping on warm beds, always a full belly.  You should take solace in this, in knowing your beloved pet’s life was made better because of you (and likely the other way around as well).   A great way to honor your deceased pet is to make a donation in his or her memory to a local rescue group, so that other pets may be as lucky.

Which of these ideas do you like the most?  How have you memorialized your beloved pets?  Share in the comments!




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