Why Does My Cat… Try to Bury Her food?

Cats sure do some quirky things, as any cat person knows all too well (or any YouTube viewer, for that matter). But many of these behaviors, as strange as they may seem, have perfectly rational explanations.  One such behavior is when a kitty is seen trying to ‘bury’ his food by pawing at the ground around their dish.  This commonly confuses cat parents who are lead to believe their cat is about to go to the bathroom, doesn’t like the food, or some other strange theory.

Don’t worry, your cat has a very good reason for what she’s doing! While it looks like the same behavior she does after going to the bathroom, it doesn’t mean she  thinks the food you gave her is litter-box material!   If anything, it means she likes it and wants to save it for later.

This behavior all goes back to her instincts; her wild, feline roots (because, we all know, house cats are still just lions in disguise!).  Food is a precious resource in the animal kingdom. It is the difference between life or death, between predator and prey.  When your kitty tries to ‘bury’ the food, she is just trying to hide the remaining food in order eliminate the smell which is likely attract to predators.  Other animals might try to steal her spoils, or worse, the food could give away her location and put her life, and that of any kittens she might have, at risk.

If your cat doesn’t do this, that’s fine, too.  Every cat is different and some will show different behaviors more strongly or often than others.  If for some reason this behavior bothers you, try offering your cat less food more often, so there isn’t always food leftover.


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About Marissa Weber

I graduated with a BA in Communications from Monmouth University, and am thrilled to combine my passions with writing. I have been vegan for over a decade and am a board member of a pet rescue/adoption agency, so my day is filled with animal activism from sunrise to sundown! I wouldn't have it any other way. I also enjoy working on my yoga practice, world travel, and getting tattoos.

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