Merry Catmas, the Best of the Best

Christmas is near and there’s nothing I love more than festive animals that add extra cheer and merriment to the season.  Here is a collection of some of the best Christmas-themed cat videos, pictures, posts, etc.  Enjoy!

Animals of YouTube singing ‘Jingle Bells’

This is my favorite of Klaatu42‘s holiday compilation videos.  He has made newer ones, including ’12 Days of Christmas’ and ‘Jolly Old Saint Nick,’ but this early one is definitely one of the best.

Simon’s Cat

Like Klaatu, Simon’s Cat has multiple Christmas/winter themed video shorts.  This one titled ‘Santa Claws’ is one most cat owners can relate to!

Cats In, On, and Around Christmas TreesIn, On, Around Christmas Trees

Anyone with cats knows that mixing Christmas trees and cats can end in one of two ways: adorablely photogenic, or like the Simon’s Cat video above.  Or, I suppose it most often starts out adorable and then goes terribly wrong.  Here’s a nice assortment of cats in, on, and around Christmas trees- before things get ugly!

Dear Santa… A Cat’s Christmas List

Dear Santa

Okay, we know no matter what we get for our cats at Christmas (or any time of year), they’re going to prefer the box it came in, hands down.  But this post of a cat’s Christmas list is funny and adorable at the same time. 

Cat-friendly DIY Christmas tree

Perhaps your cat has knocked over your tree, chewed the lights wires, or broken ornaments one too many times, and you’re through putting up a decorated tree, then maybe this idea is perfect for you!  This affordable and relatively easy to design cat friendly and climbable Christmas ‘tree’ is rather neat.

Climbable Cat Christmas Tree

Click for more pictures and DIY instructions, via Hauspanther.

I’d like to make it just for fun, even though my cats are pretty well behaved around my tree anyway.

The Alternate ‘Catmas Tree’

In case the DIY one, with all its cutting and measuring, is too much work, this is an easier option. 

Merry Catmas, everyone- tis the season for peace and love!

Hope you had as much fun with this list as I did and that it helps you get into the spirit!  Remember to include your fur-kids in Christmas gifting, and no matter what you do, know that Santa doesn’t support puppy mills or breeders (or buying any animal from a pet store for that matter) so always, always choose rescue and adoption.  Also, please don’t give animals as gifts- they are a lifetime commitment so everyone needs to be involved and dedicated to the adoption- there should be no surprises.


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